5 Tips for Attending a Major Sporting Event

A great sporting match can take your breath away, and while you can get it at home watching the footy, or a gruelling game of soccer, quite often it is the major sporting events — the olympics, the test games, the international matches — that are memories that last a lifetime.

Travelling interstate, or better, overseas for a sporting event is an adventure you are not likely to forget. The excitement of a plane ride, the hustle and bustle of an airport and a new city, navigation through an area that doesn’t speak your language, and a new sporting area filled with international faces all lit up with the same energy as your own. But big games like this can also be a risk, they are often a target for violence, high alcohol consumption and can be dangerous, so when travelling to an event, get travel insurance, be careful and watchful and keep your wits about you!

Here are some tips for having a brilliant time, and getting home in one piece.

1. Getting there
Getting to the event the fastest is not always the way to get they’re the safest — and often, if you leave early enough won’t make any difference. For most major sporting events, public transport will be provided to and from the arena or field. If you elect to take public transport you will likely be travelling with up to tens of thousands of other fans. To ensure you are safe, wait until the main pack of people has left – or leave earlier — and have your friend’s contact details on hand as you may lose them on the way!

2. Accommodation
Sometimes it is easier to just stay closer and not require transport to and from the event — look into accommodation that is within walking distance. When doing so, remember that there may be highly intoxicated people coming or going to the event, so think about a hotel or apartment that has some sort of security. If walking, make sure you stay with friends, and avoid other groups of people that may approach you.

3. Looking After yourself
Sporting Events can be quite long, so while you are there you will need to consider food, water and safety. In terms of eating, food at events can be very expensive, and may have been on display for quite some time. If possible, take your own food with you, or purchase only pre-packaged food.

Make sure throughout the event you also stay hydrated. If drinking alcohol keep it in check, and ensure you are drinking water intermittently — especially if the event takes place during a hot summer’s day.

In terms of safety, don’t wander off from your friends, and make sure you all have each other’s contact details.

4. Insurance
Importantly if you are travelling overseas for an event, make sure you have insurance. You can get some cheap travel insurance that still covers everything you need, and it’s definitely worth looking into.. MLB중계

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