A Divorce Lawyer in Haifa Will Make Sure That You Get What is Rightfully Yours

A divorce lawyer in Haifa will make sure that you get what is rightfully yours

In most western countries, matters of family law fall under the jurisdiction of the Family Court. However, in Israel the Rabbinical Court and the Family Court have parallel instances that are authorized to judge matters involving marriage and divorce among Jewish couples.

According to 2012 statistics, between 35% and 40% of Jewish marriages end in divorce. This is not surprising, given the complicated legal system – the intersection of religion and civil law – in which family lawyers must be skilled.

The case of Rachel Avraham, a wife and mother from Ashdod, illustrates this complexity. During the course of her divorce proceedings, she demanded a property settlement in civil court, to which her husband objected. He refused to grant her a divorce until she agreed to reopen the property settlement in religious court. Ultimately, the case was settled in her favor and she received 24 percent of the value of their home and half of their financial portfolio.

The case of Rachel Avraham is just one example of the problems that arise due to a lack of clarity on issues of religion and divorce in Israeli law. To avoid a lengthy and expensive legal process, it is important to consult with an experienced Jewish divorce attorney who will guide you through the complex process. Jay Hait is a skilled American attorney with a deep understanding of Israeli Family Law. He is a firm negotiator and a skilled litigator who gets exceptional results for his clients. עורך דין גירושין בחיפה

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