A Kiddush Fountain Is A Fine Way To Elevate Shabbat And Holiday Meals

A Kiddush Fountain Is A Fine Way To Elevate Shabbat And Holiday Meals

Kiddush is one of those experiences that’s pretty universal to Jews all over the world, regardless of their level of observance. It’s the moment at the beginning of a meal where you drink wine or grape juice after a blessing, sanctifying the day. A luxurious silver Kiddush cup from Jerusalem can help bring a little magic to your home’s table.

The most common practice involves pouring wine directly from a larger cup into smaller matching cups to be passed around the table. But since the bigger cup is often a little taller than the smaller ones, the host has to be careful not to spill the beverage onto nice Shabbat tablecloths or their guests’ clothing. That’s why the Kiddush fountain was invented, to offer a hygienic and easy to use solution that still looks impressive.

Whether you’re looking for an ornate traditional piece or something modern and fresh, a quality Kiddush fountain will be a treasured addition to your Jewish home for years to come. Designed by talented artists to suit all tastes and needs, these beautiful pieces make for a stunning centerpiece that crowns any Shabbat or Holiday table.

A Kiddush Cup Fountain Is Basically A Sort Of Swiss Army Knife Of Jewish Ritual Items

As the name suggests, the kiddush cup fountain is a fusion of different elements of Judaica that all combine to create a whole. Some of these objects are relatively new inventions, born of necessity after the Holocaust: Jewish silversmiths were scarce at that time and people like Jizchak Bier took it upon themselves to start filling the void with innovative new items to inspire modern-day Jewish tradition.

Kiddush cup fountains were among the most popular of these new creations. These pieces were a practical, efficient, and visually interesting way to make the traditional kiddush experience a bit more exciting for the average Jew — especially those with large families or lots of Shabbat and Holiday guests. The fountains were also a visual reminder of the special occasion at hand, adding an extra layer of excitement to the moment of sipping the sanctified wine.

This beautiful nickel fountain Kiddush set features a central pouring station from which the wine will seamlessly flow into eight smaller cups that can be passed around the table. Designed with elegant floral and Star of David motifs, this work of art will be a treasured piece of Judaica for generations to come. Treat yourself or a loved one to this magnificent masterpiece!

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