Angel Figurine Collection

Having angel figurines around the house can help to divert stress and may also bring a more solemn, spiritual ambiance to your home. They can be collected as decorative pieces or used as Christmas ornaments and tree toppers. They can be made from a variety of materials, such as porcelain, crystal, wood, and resin. There are several makers of collectible angel figurines, and many are sculpted by hand. Some are more expensive than others. Having a collection of these figurines can increase the value of your home.

You can find collectible angel figurines at various stores, including toy and gift shops, antique galleries, and online. Some stores specialize in selling antiques and collectibles, and they may be able to appraise your figurines for you. They can also give you a fair price for your angels, depending on their current condition and age.

Collectible angels can be bought from many places, but it’s best to do your research first. If you want to find the cheapest prices, check out auction websites. There are also some stores that specialize in selling figurines, such as Hallmark. They have a large selection of angels, including baby angels, cupids, and guardian angels. They also have a variety of gift angels, such as new baby and baptism gifts, or sympathy and bereavement angels to comfort those who have suffered a loss.

The sculptor of the Angel figurine collection, Susan Lordi, says her goal was to create beautiful sculptures that inspire people’s souls. Her angels don’t have facial characteristics, and their simple forms capture the imagination. The Willow Tree Angel collection includes children’s angels and guardian angels holding a child.

Another collector of angels is Thomas Kinkade, who has created several angel collections. Some of these are the Angels of Peace, Amazing Grace Angels, and Irish-Inspired Remembrance. Others are the Alzheimer’s Charity Angels, Caring Angels, and Heartwood Creek Angels. These angels are often sold in sets, and you can choose from a range of styles and sizes.

Other collections of angels include Blue Willow Sister Angels by Keith Mallet, which features elegant, hand-painted angels that carry inspirational messages about sisters. Karen Hahn’s Foundations collection delivers motivating themes in lovely items crafted from fine natural materials.

Jim Shore’s resin angels are highly detailed, and you can find a wide variety of different colors and styles. They come in various sized wings and dresses, with some even having scrolled messaging along their lower portions. Some of his angels are designed to be holiday decorations, such as the Four Seasons Angels or Easter Angels.

Other figurines are made of glass and porcelain, such as the Meissen cherub angel. This piece of porcelain was originally released in the 19th century and has been a favorite among collectors. It has a beautiful color, and it appears to have some movement, with the angel’s arms reaching down and touching the earth. Another popular figurine is the Buffy Angel figurine, which features Faith as the replacement for Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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