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If you are looking to add some elegance and beauty to your home, consider adding some beautiful angel figurines. These figures are often made of porcelain and can be very collectible. They can also be a great gift for a loved one.

This Meissen angel depicts a cherub at the water fountain with the typical attention to detail that characterizes this maker. This is part of their motto children collectables.


Whether you are looking for collectible angel figurines to put in your home or as gifts, you can find a variety of options on the market. Some are even worth thousands of dollars. To help you in your search for the best pieces, this detailed guide takes a look at some of the most valuable angel figurines available today.

A beautiful piece from the Lladro brand, this angel figurine is a stunning addition to any collection. It features a white angel sitting on a wooden base and holding tulips in one hand. The figurine is in perfect condition and has no marks or scratches. It is also a limited edition. It has already attracted the interest of 15 people.

Another great collectible angel figurine from the Lladro brand is this angel girl. The figurine is crafted from matte white porcelain and soft colors, and it features delicate decoration. The figurine is a beautiful gift for any occasion, and it’s sure to bring a smile to the face of anyone who receives it.

The Goebel porcelain company was founded in 1845 and has a rich history of producing beautiful figurines. Their designs are inspired by fables, imagination tales, and mythology. The company’s success has earned it a reputation as one of the most respected collectors’ brands. The company’s founder, Wilhelm Goebel, was a skilled craftsman who was able to produce fine figurines at an affordable price.


When it comes to collectible angel figurines, there are several different manufacturers that produce them. Some companies even have an online store where you can buy their products. But before you purchase any piece, it’s important to read reviews and learn about the company’s reputation.

The German manufacturer Scheibe-Alsbach has been producing porcelain figurines since 1835. The company is known for its quality and has a variety of different angel statues. The earliest pieces were made out of sugar, but in the 1800s, the company switched to porcelain. The result was a more durable and long-lasting piece.

Another company that produces angel figurines is Lenox, which was founded in 1889. Their products are known for their high-quality craftsmanship and beautiful designs. These figurines are perfect for gifts, and are available in a variety of sizes.

Jay Strongwater is an American designer who started his career while studying at the Rhode Island School of Design. He created a necklace for his mother, and when everyone praised him, he decided to continue designing. After that, he took his jewelry samples to department stores in New York City. He quickly became successful, and his work appeared on magazine covers and in jewelry stores. He branched out into home decorations in 1995 and has created many products, including collectible angel figurines.


Swarovski is a world-renowned brand of crystals, known for their clarity and beauty. Its innovative technology allows for a wide range of colors and finishes, and the company produces many different types of crystals. Swarovski’s products include glass sculptures and miniature, jewellery, rhinestones, watches, home decor, and chandeliers.

Founded by Daniel Swarovski in Georgental, Bohemia (now the Czech Republic), in 1892, Swarovski invented and patented an electric cutting machine that facilitated the production of lead crystal glass Jewelry, which had previously been cut by hand. He later moved to Wattens, Austria, where he established his company A. Kosmann, Daniel Swarovski & Co, or KS & C. The company has a reputation for high-quality and luxury, and its crystals have been used to decorate fashion jewelry, dresses, and accessories.

In 1956, Swarovski introduced the Aurora Borealis effect, which gave the crystals a rainbow sparkle. Other innovations included sew-on crystals, the crystal mesh fabric and the XILION cut, which brought an unprecedented level of brilliance to the product line. Today, the company’s global Swarovski Waterschool education program has reached 461,000 children, and the Swarovski Foundation, created in 2013, works to support culture and creativity, promote wellbeing, and conserve natural resources.

Swarovski also collaborates with top designers and brands. Its crystals can be seen in the designs of Christian Dior, Elsa Schiaparelli, Chanel, and Armani. In addition, the company’s branded merchandise has appeared in films, theatre productions, and fashion shows. It has also provided the 550-pound star that sits on top of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree every year since 2004.

Jay Strongwater

Angel figurine gifts manufacturers create exquisite symbols of spirituality, love, and protection. These artworks are treasured for their profound symbolism and have universal appeal, transcending religious and cultural boundaries. They are the perfect gift for special occasions and can be customized with engravings, names, or messages. They can also be personalized with an angelic archetype, such as a guardian angel, to celebrate a loved one’s birthday or a milestone.

Angel figurines are crafted from a variety of materials, including clay, glass, and porcelain. Sculptors draw inspiration from fables, imagination tales, and myths to craft ethereal pieces that inspire serenity and love. Some artists even take inspiration from their own life experiences. One such artist is James Christensen, who began his career with a small business that produced collectible figurines. He drew inspiration from his childhood to create figurines that are both beautiful and meaningful.

Other famous designers include Thomas Blackshear, who created the Ebony Visions collection in 1995. These angel figurines combine African culture with Art Nouveau to create a unique, modern style. They are the perfect way to add color and beauty to any room. angel figurines manufacturers

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