Bachelorette Party in Cartagena, Colombia

The tropical city of Cartagena is a top destination for brides-to-be and their friends looking to celebrate the final fling before the ring. This historic city offers a relaxing Caribbean vibe, vibrant nightlife and wide array of fun activities. Whether you are planning a wild and boozy pub crawl or a more chill weekend of relaxation with spa treatments, the city has something for every bachelorette party budget.

There are many options for your group to explore Cartagena’s cobblestone streets and vibrant culture during the day, and dance the night away to live reggaeton and Afro-Colombian music at night. The city is also known for its pristine beaches, exotic palm trees and beautiful sunsets.

With a year-round tropical climate, there are always plenty of ways to make memories with your girls. Located in the South American country of Colombia, Cartagena’s well-preserved colonial infrastructure has earned the city the UNESCO World Heritage Site designation.

From exploring the city’s walled city on an electric bike tour to dining at one of Cartagena’s famed restaurants, there are endless opportunities for a memorable girls trip. Let us help you plan your dream Cartagena bachelorette party and enjoy the best of the city with your girls.

A popular activity in Cartagena for groups is to rent a private yacht, catamaran or speed boat and take your group out to explore the Rosario Islands and Cholon inlet with an open bar, drinks, snacks, music and more. This is a great way to spend the day with your girls, letting you relax and unwind or jump in the water for some fun jumping and splashing around.

The beautiful beaches of Cartagena are also a must-visit for your bachelorette party. Whether you choose to lounge on the beaches of Tierra Bomba, Blue Apple Beach or further out in the Rosario Islands, the crystal clear waters and white sand beaches will not disappoint. Beach clubs are another popular option for the girls to have some fun and dance all day or night.

Taking a tour or excursion is always a great idea for a bachelorette party, as it provides you with the perfect opportunity to explore and learn more about the beautiful city of Cartagena and its rich history. There are several tours and excursions to choose from, including the Cartagena Walled City Tour, the Electric Bike City Tour, San Felipe Castle and the Totumo Volcano Tour.

After a long and exciting day or night out on the town, a calming massage from a professional is just what the doctor ordered for your Cartagena bachelorette party. There are a variety of spas in Cartagena that offer a range of services, from hot stone massage to deep tissue massage and more.

While some might think Colombia is still a dangerous place, the city of Cartagena and country of Colombia have made vast improvements in their safety and security for tourists. Visitor numbers are on the rise, and it is safe to travel in most of the popular populated areas of the city and country. Bachelorette Party Cartagena

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