Best Workout Apps

Whether you’re looking to build muscle, lose weight or increase endurance, the best workout app can help you get there. The top workout apps offer a variety of training routines, trainer demos and support communities to help you meet your goals. Many of the best workout apps offer entry-level options as well as modifications and content for all body types.

JEFIT, available for iOS and Android, is a gym-centric app that makes it easy to track your weights and reps. It lets you set and plan workouts, log your weights and reps, create heat maps, track and analyze workouts and more. It also backups your logs to Google Drive or Dropbox, so you can access them when you’re on a different device. A pro version adds more features for a fee, including a 1RM calculator, proper keyboards for entering numbers and a more visually appealing data display.

Strava, which offers both running and cycling workouts, is one of the best workout apps for those who enjoy a bit of gamification in their workouts. It tracks your routes and other fitness activities via GPS and then rewards you with achievements, challenges and leaderboards. This can motivate you to keep up with and even surpass your friends’ workouts. The app also provides useful information about your performance such as your heart rate and pace and can link to your smartphone’s music player. It has a large community and is one of the best workout apps for runners, cyclists or anyone who likes to track their exercise.

Freeletics is the best workout app for those who have little space. Its special space filter helps you find exercises that can be performed in an area as small as two square feet. It has a wide variety of workouts ranging from sculpting and barre to HIIT and cardio boxing. It also has a selection of yoga and strength-training classes. Most of the workouts require minimal equipment, but you’ll need some light weights for the HIIT and boxing sessions. This workout app comes with a subscription, but it has a three-month free trial and is available on the Apple Watch.

Nike’s free app has a wealth of workouts and is also available on the Apple Watch. Its strength, yoga and HIIT workouts are highly rated. It also includes a “Seven Minute Workout” program that uses chair and wall-based movements to stay fit in a short amount of time.

Fitness+, from the editors of Women’s Health, Men’s Health and Runner’s World, is another top workout app that has a wide variety of workouts to choose from. You can stream 20 live classes a day or choose from more than 7,000 on-demand exercises. Its colorful interface and upbeat instructors make it an enjoyable workout app to use. Many of its workouts are equipment-free, but you’ll need some light weights and a resistance band for some of the high-intensity workouts. The app is also compatible with a variety of wearables and offers a three-month free trial. best workout app

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