Breastfeeding Tips – How to Stop Leaking Breast Milk

Leaking breast milk can happen at any time while breastfeeding and can be a little embarrassing when it happens unexpectedly. It’s not only normal but a sign that your body is working hard to produce enough milk for baby.

Leaks of breast milk are typically triggered by the letdown reflex, which is stimulated when you’re getting ready to nurse and often by emotional triggers like hearing your baby cry or seeing pictures or videos of him. The letdown can also be triggered by sex – the hormone oxytocin (also responsible for orgasm contractions) can cause your breasts to start secreting milk.

Many new mums find that leaking occurs most frequently in the first few weeks of nursing and then decreases as their supply becomes more established and they become accustomed to how often baby needs to feed. But it can still occur at any stage, especially if you go longer than three hours without nursing or pumping and during baby’s transition to a more predictable sleeping schedule.

The best way to minimize leaking is to be prepared. Keep a stash of breast pads in your bra at all times and wear a sleep bra with nursing pads inside when you’re going to bed. If you’re breastfeeding in public, use a coverup to hide the wet spot on your shirt. And if you’re going to be spending a long time away from your baby, try placing slight pressure on the base of your nipple area (like cross your arms or hug yourself) to temporarily stop a leak. breastfeeding leaking

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