Brush Machinery and Its Many Uses

Brush machinery helps reduce blemishes on products, including metals and other materials. These machines can be used for deburring, sanding and polishing to improve product surface quality and appearance. The brush grit type and size determines the level of scrubbing and deburring intensity. For example, nylon abrasive filament (NAF) brushes can gently scrape off burrs from metal products while minimizing surface damage.

NAF brush machines may also be used for finishing applications, such as edge radiusing or paint preparation. NAF brushes are more gentle than traditional abrasive wheels, making them more appropriate for sensitive workpiece surfaces. In addition, these brushes help to remove rust or corrosion from metals to ensure that the material is ready for coating applications.

A brush machine is also useful for dehusking or deshelling peanuts and other nuts. These machines use a combination of brushes and conveyor belts to gently remove the skins or shells from the nuts while keeping kernels intact. Some models feature viewing windows to monitor the process and adjust settings. The resulting nut or seed mixture can then be sold in bulk, while the empty shells or husks are sent to an inline bagging station.

Other uses for brush machinery include abrasive deburring, which smooths out rough workpieces that have undergone milling, punching or turning. This helps to create a uniform workpiece surface and eliminates the need for re-fixturing or secondary deburring processes. Rotary sand brushes can also be used for this purpose and are available with different brush grit sizes to accommodate a variety of material types.

Industrial cleaning brushes can be used in manufacturing for scrubbing, sanding and cleaning applications. Various wire and metal brush grits can be used to meet the specific needs of each application. Depending on the scrubbing or sanding intensity required, these brushes can be used for a variety of workpiece applications, such as pipe cleaning and rust removal. Knotted wire brushes can also be used to clean narrow grooves and divots on oil pipelines or for pre-welding surface preparation.

Lastly, brush machinery can be used to remove stains from fabrics and other textiles. Specialized brush agitation can lift soils into the center of the pile, where they can be more easily vacuumed up than stains that form on the surface of the fabric. This type of brush agitation is also beneficial for removing stubborn dirt on carpets, such as food grease or oil spills.

Roth Composite Machinery manufactures a line of brushes and brooms production machines that can process all the necessary single components, such as filaments, brush bodies and staple wires, to a finished brush in one machine. This machine is available in 3-, 4- and 5-axes versions and can be fitted with a trimming device as well as flagging unit, allowing for a fully automated ejection and transportation via conveyor belt. These machines are ideal for use in applications where high performance, low maintenance and optimal reliability are requested.

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