Buying a Gas Mask For Sale

For those prepping for any kind of emergency, it’s a good idea to keep a gas mask in your kit. These respirators are designed to protect users from airborne contaminants and can be used in conjunction with oxygen tanks for breathing support. They are often referred to as CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear) protection devices, and there are a lot of different options available on the market. These include full face respirators that cover the mouth, nose, and eyes and are typically used by first responders for their NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) protection, or half masks that only cover the nose and mouth for simple chemical and particulate hazard mitigation.

Whether you are planning for wildfires that choke cities or BLM protests where police use tear gas, a good quality respirator can save your life. Having one in your kit will allow you to safely leave the area and evacuate with your family. Fortunately, the best quality NBC and CBRN masks are not that hard to find online. Many of the better ones are military or emergency brands like MSA, Mestel, Honeywell / Sperian / North, and 3M.

There are also a lot of different filters to choose from, and they should be selected according to the specific hazards you plan to encounter. It’s worth checking out the NIOSH website, which has a good resource page for choosing the right equipment for your needs.

Generally, you will want to choose a CBRN-rated mask, as it will be certified to protect against the broadest range of threats. A lot of the newer models are easy to fit and lightweight, making them popular among preppers. They also have a wide view visor, which can be helpful in many situations. The downside of a CBRN-rated mask is that it will require additional oxygen tank attachments to work effectively, which are not as portable or versatile as the full face versions.

Some of the more affordable military-grade masks are the Scott GSR and the Scott FRR, which are both easily available for purchase online. These are the current British military models, replacing the Avon S10. They have similar advantages over the US M50 model, but they can be difficult to find with 40mm filter mounts.

You can also buy civilian variants of the Israeli M15 mask, which is what they hand out to their citizens and resell on eBay. It is a cheap option, and almost every listing includes the tan filters which are expired, even though they won’t admit it. This mask requires a separate 40mm cartridge, and can only mount on the left cheek. It has a subpar voice emitter, but is lighter and more comfortable than the bugeye-style masks. gas mask for sale

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