Caregivers Agency Vs Private Caregivers

A Caregivers agency is an in-home care company that provides custodial and health services to seniors and other individuals who need help living independently. They recruit, screen, hire, train, and manage caregivers. The cost of these steps – which can take weeks or even months to complete if hiring privately – factor into the rates that agencies charge.

Agencies are also responsible for payroll taxes and other human resources issues, which can be expensive. Registry services, on the other hand, typically only provide a list of potential caregivers for clients to choose from and charge a finder’s fee.

While there is no “one size fits all” answer when it comes to choosing an agency versus hiring a private caregiver, the benefits of working with an agency often outweigh the costs, including peace of mind, expertise, stress reduction, and time saved.

Regardless of whether the agency you work with is rated highly by Medicare or not, the key to a good working relationship with any caregiver is transparency and clear communication. Geriatric care manager Forest Gong encourages families to ask potential agencies about their hiring practices and vetting process.

A quality agency will also take the time to listen to the needs and concerns of their clients. They will use this information to build a customized plan of care and will then follow up with regular meetings. They will also be available to assist with billing and may accept long-term care insurance or Medicare.

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