Choosing an Off Line Cooling System

Cooling systems are vital to the performance of your machine tools and the productivity of your operation. An off line cooling system can save up to 90% eletricity costs and increase machining accuracy and performance. Choosing the right system for your application can be challenging because there are many different types of cooling systems to choose from, each ideal for specific applications and environments. Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting an off line cooling system:

A forced-air oil cooler, also known as a hydraulic oil cooler, uses an AC motor and filter to cool and filter hydraulic oil in hydraulic systems. Keeping hydraulic oil cool prevents damage to seals, surfaces, and components caused by heat. This cooling process also reduces particulate and water contamination in the hydraulic system and extends system life.

ACE manufactures a variety of off-line hydraulic oil coolers, including forced air, liquid-to-liquid and vapor-compression models. Liquid-to-liquid off-line oil coolers can be used with either glycol or water to remove heat from the hydraulic fluid, and they can be installed inside or outside your facility. Alternatively, vapor-compression off-line cooling systems use an industrial steam generator to cool the hydraulic oil.

Offline Oil Cooling Systems from ACE are engineered with an oil pump that suctions the hydraulic / gear / mineral oil from the system sump, passes it through an offline cooling coil or core and returns the cooled oil to the system sump. These systems can be used as an upgrade to existing equipment with a built-in cooling system or can be retro-fitted into older machines.

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