Choosing RV Refrigerator Parts For Your Motorhome

An RV refrigerator is a vital part of your home on wheels and is probably the most used appliance in your motorhome. Keeping your food and beverages at safe temperatures is essential when you’re on the road, especially if you plan to boon dock in remote areas. While there are three different types of RV fridges – absorption, compressor, and residential – not all are created equal.

The first thing to consider when deciding what type of rv refrigerator you need is what power source your rig uses. RVs use alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) to run their appliances. If you have a Norcold or Dometic model, you’ll likely find it has two-way capability which means you can use either propane gas or shore power (AC).

Absorption refrigerators are the most common model found in RVs today. They can be powered by either LP gas or AC power and are available in both two-way and three-way models. Some have a switch that automatically chooses which power source to use, while others require you to manually flip the switch. Absorption refrigerators can also take longer to cool down than compressor fridges and they have a tendency to freeze foods on certain shelves, especially if it’s hot outside or you are at higher altitudes.

Compressor fridges are the newest trend in luxury RVs, and are most often seen in large Class A motorhomes and fifth wheels. These large compressor-driven fridges are more expensive than absorption refrigerators, but offer a lot of storage space for your groceries and cooler drinks. They are more efficient than absorption fridges and can be powered by either LP gas or DC power, and some even have an ice maker! rv refrigerator parts

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