Commercial Real Estate Videography

Whether you’re a commercial or residential real estate agent we can provide you with high-quality, professional marketing content that will make your property stand out above the rest. Pricing and packages include real estate photography, drone photography with boundaries, floor plans and walk through videography.

We are based in Whitianga but travel charges apply for properties outside of this area.

Commercial Real Estate Photography

Real estate videography Christchurch is a unique combination of art and business, so it takes time to learn the ropes. One of the most important tips is to practice and find your own artistic style. Another is to use the right equipment for the job. Real estate photographers also need to understand the market, so it’s important to know your audience and tailor your marketing materials accordingly.

Photographers should take multiple photos of a room at different exposures to capture a wide range of lighting conditions. This technique can help avoid unintentional color mixing from varying lightbulb temperatures, which can make a room look unnatural and require extensive post-processing. In addition, it’s important for real estate photographers to have a good understanding of camera lens distortion.

For example, a wide-angle lens can create barrel distortion when used at close range. This can detract from the beauty of a property and turn off potential buyers. Photographers should also be aware of the effect of different shutter speeds on their photos. Different shutter speeds can affect the depth of field and focus. It is important to choose a shutter speed that allows you to achieve the desired result while still being able to control the aperture.

Taking high-quality real estate photos is an essential part of any marketing campaign. Real estate agents and home owners can benefit from professional photos for a variety of reasons, including increasing their sales and occupancy rates. Photographers can work with a wide range of clients, including commercial and residential real estate agencies, bed and breakfasts, and motels.

Commercial Property Photography

A great way to attract potential buyers or tenants is by using professional photography. It gives a more personal feel and creates an emotional impact that’s vital to converting potential customers. Investing in real estate photos is a must for agents and landlords to ensure that their properties stand out in the market.

Real estate photography is unique in that it’s both an art and a business. This combination makes it a challenging discipline to master, but the right knowledge and skills can set you up for success. To start, practice by photographing friends’ homes or local architecture. Then, work on honing your artistic style. “Your style is your business card,” explains real estate photographer Jonathan Boone. “Having a polished, consistent style gets you more business.”

Another tip for becoming a successful real estate photographer is to prioritize open communication with clients. Lancaster suggests that new photographers take the time to explain their process to their clients, and ask about any specific requests or concerns they have. This will help you build a strong client base and gain confidence in your work.

Another important skill to develop is a good understanding of lighting. Many real estate photographers prefer to turn off all the lights in a home and photograph with natural light from windows only. This helps eliminate unintentional color mixing from different light bulbs and reduces the amount of post-processing required.

Commercial Property Videography

Whether it’s an office building, industrial property, or hotel, commercial real estate (CRE) is one of the largest markets for visual marketing. CRE companies are beginning to realize that professional photography and videography can help them sell their properties faster and for more money. This type of property marketing is a must-have for any business that wants to stand out from the competition.

A property video can showcase a space and its amenities in more detail than a photograph. It can also show prospective buyers how they would use the space. This can help a potential buyer decide whether the property is right for them. It is also a great way to get more people interested in the property.

The process of creating a commercial real estate video begins with a preproduction meeting. This is where key stakeholders are interviewed and a storyboard or script is created. Then, the locations for the shoot are scouted. This could include the exterior of the property and interior shots of the lobby, offices, tenant spaces, and facilities.

A growing trend in CRE is digitally rendered property videos. These videos are typically used to market new developments or buildings that have not yet opened. They are similar to a property tour video, but they use digitally rendered images of the building instead of live footage.

Commercial Property Walk Through Videography

If you’re a real estate agent looking to grow your business and reach more clients, you can’t afford not to use video. Real estate videos engage clients, provide more information, and showcase more amenities than still photographs can. In addition, they can help you book more meetings, resolve client questions faster, and cement a personal connection with your clients.

One of the most popular types of real estate videos is a property tour video. This type of video is perfect for showcasing a single property or an entire complex. It often features a combination of live footage and digitally rendered imagery, with narrative graphic captions or voiceovers. Some property tour videos also feature a time-lapse of a building, which is an excellent way to show off the progress of a renovation or construction project.

Another great type of real estate video is a testimonial. This type of video features interviews with happy clients who have purchased or sold properties. These videos can be as simple as a smartphone with a lavalier microphone.

Another great type of real estate video is an agent profile. These videos introduce agents to prospective clients and highlight their skills and experience. They can be as simple as a quick interview with the agent or can include clips of them working with past clients.

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