Contemporary floor lamps – Add functional modern lighting!

If you are thinking about updating the look of a room in your home consider the addition of a contemporary floor lamp. There are several types of floor lamps designed to provide decorative and task lighting to your home and any room is fair game for adding a lamp. Matching contemporary floor lamps to modern home décor gives way to many light choices.

From torchieres that provide wonderful uplighting to lampshades that cast useful light downward, the choices are endless. Other floor lamp styles are: swing arm (moveable), gooseneck (head moves), halogen (brightest light), tree (3 individual heads), and adjustable (adjust the height). Adding a new floor lamp gives you the additional light you desire without the hassle of rewiring your house for a new light fixture. And they can also be easily repositioned should you change your mind about the original location.

There may be other reasons for adding a lamp or two to a room. You may want to create layers of light in combination with other light fixtures. Floor lamps are the perfect choice, not just because of the numerous styles and selections, but also the ability to vary the height. Or if your need is more functional, such as additional light for reading, you would want to be sure your choice offers style as well as providing ample light that can be aimed in the needed direction. You may want to consider a multifunctional contemporary style floor lamp: for example, a fixture that combines a gooseneck light or swivel arm for reading, with, say a halogen torchiere for general illumination. Or, you can buy a reading lamp with lampshade swivel arm for greater flexibility. If you really need to brighten a room, halogen floor lamps are your best choice. Dimmer switches are another common features on contemporary fixtures, allowing you to control the amount of light produced.

Once you’ve decided how the light will be used: To provide decorative or accent lighting? Brighten a room or add necessary light? Serve as a focal point? Updating the look of a room? then it’s time to start searching for the look you want. To begin your search for the perfect contemporary floor lamp, take a look online. With lighting manufacturers such as Holtkotter, Kenroy and Lite Source, shopping for a quality brand modern lamp should be no problem. Online lighting stores offer plenty of choices, photos and descriptions which means you can find just what you need fairly easily. Define some parameters to your search before getting underway such as color, height, function and, of course, budget. This will help you to enter a more defined search, limiting the number of choices to a more comprehendible amount rather than the zillions produced by a broad search. For example, a search using the terms ‘silver halogen adjustable arm floor lamp affordable’ would give you much better result than simply entering ‘floor lamp’. childrens night night

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