Curly Hair Salon Melbourne

Are your curls in need of a trim, new colour or a major style upgrade? Book in with a curly hair specialist in your own home and enjoy the convenience, privacy and comfort of a personalised service. Curly hair specialists have had specific training on how to cut curly hair, so you can expect an exceptional haircut that suits your unique curl pattern and will grow and hold beautifully.

A true specialist takes the time to truly understand how an individual’s hair works in its textured state, a practice that is often overlooked in a salon setting. They also understand the challenges that come with living and styling a curly haired lifestyle, and can provide tips and techniques to assist in the maintenance of their client’s beautiful tresses.

Whether you’re after a low-key trim, an eye-catching new look or a major curl transformation, we have rounded up some of our favourite curly hair salons in Melbourne. Keep scrolling to find your next go-to hairdresser.

Tom is a true curly hair specialist, with over 30 years of industry experience and an unwavering commitment to transforming textured locks. His salon has a strong focus on educating clients, and he prides himself on creating gorgeous hair in a warm and friendly environment.

Jess is a Gippsland curlie with a passion for teaching her clients how to embrace their curls and waves in an approachable and realistic way. Her deconstructed approach to dry cutting allows her to create shapes that will complement each client’s textured hair and lifestyle. She can even teach you how to maintain your new cut with a quick, easy and affordable routine that will have your curls looking great at all times.curly hair salon Melbourne

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