Diamond Paste – An Essential Tool For Polishing Metals and Gemstones

Whether you’re polishing metals and alloys or working with gemstones and lapidary materials, diamond paste is an essential tool for your arsenal. It’s a lubricating substance that contains a fine diamond powder within that gently sands the surface of your workpiece, making it smooth and ready for the next step in your process.

There are a variety of diamond pastes to choose from that suit your specific needs. From coarse to fine grit, each type provides the correct level of abrasiveness for your application. You can also find a variety of diluents for your paste to help it perform optimally.

Our standard diamond compound is a strong concentrate of high quality diamonds suspended in an oil-based carrier. It puts a flawless finish on gemstones and other mineral-based materials and comes in a wide range of colors and grits for your selection. It’s conveniently packaged in easy-to-use, disposable syringes for use with our polishing pads, discs, buffs or SUVA’s exclusive hardwood polishing bursts.

If you’re looking for a high-performance diamond paste that’s ideal for precision engineering and electronic applications, this water-soluble option is perfect. Its unique formulation ensures that the diamond compounds will dissolve easily in water, reducing the likelihood of residue buildup. This specialized diamond compound is also ideal for a variety of polishing applications, including mirror polishing with a Robinson brush or plastic or rubber cones.

The Kemet OS diamond paste is a game-changing solution, expertly formulated to elevate performance and unlock new realms of possibilities when working with carbide and hardened steels. This remarkable oil-soluble product demonstrates exceptional efficacy, swiftly delivering the desired outcome.

When you’re working with a harder material like zirconia, it’s important to work through your diamond grits in a progressively finer manner. This allows you to maintain a higher level of abrasiveness while still being able to move through your process with minimal downtime.

It’s important to remember that you should only apply a small amount of the diamond paste on your substrate and spread it evenly. This prevents the abrasiveness from being too intense and prevents the diamond particles from overheating.

It’s also recommended that you periodically wipe your surface clean of diamond paste residue. Baby wipes are an excellent choice for this task and can be purchased online or at most grocery stores. In addition, we recommend using a diluent or extender for your diamond paste to keep it moist and functional at all times. This will reduce the risk of contamination, allowing you to work longer on your piece without losing any of its functionality. The diluent can be a mixture of glycol, alcohol and water or a solvent like acetone. In either case, be sure to apply it with a clean and dry sponge to avoid contaminating the surface of your workpiece.

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