DirecTV Has Premium Sports Programming

It seems that these days the word -Premium- has been getting tossed around far too loosely in TV programming advertising literature and advertising and it is time that some degree of standard is set regarding the use of the word when describing sports programming. The people at DirecTV feel strongly that they occupy the number one position with regards to sports programming in the TV programming industry today and that the level of sports programming that they carry is what qualifies them.

 Upon close examination it was determined that their feelings are in fact based on solid fact and that is some cases some of the sports programming that they carry for their family of TV viewers could actually be adequately described as ultra-premium. They have twenty-five sports channels that they carry that definitely are qualified to carry the -Premium- label and there are two channels above and beyond those twenty-five that can comfortably be labeled as ultra-premium.

 Those two programming channels are NFL Sunday Ticket and NCAA Mega March Madness and there are a few things that set these two sports channels apart from the rest of theirs and all other premium sports programming channels that are carried by competing TV programming service providers. To start with both of these sports programming channels are entirely produced by their respective sports organizations, which is something that has never been done before.

In the pas, all other sports programs were produced by the broadcasting agencies that featured them with the permission of either of these two sports organizations. This worked fine up to a point but they weren’t given full access to these two sports organizations, because they were only allowed to show what they had agreed to feature in their sports programs.

 With the NFL producing their own sports programming channel they obviously have full access to anything that they want to feature in their programs and so you get so much more that you would never get to see if the program wasn’t produced by them. To start with you get all of their preseason and regular game as well as some of the best football action direct from the European Football League on the other side of the Atlantic.

 This is where your standard football TV programming would have ended but with the NFL Sunday Ticket channel this is just the start, because you get a virtual cornucopia of live and prerecorded commentary, exciting debate and even a few great arguments among some of the highest qualified experts on the game that the NFL has. Then there are all of the fantastic interviews that they feature and there are a lot of players and staff in the NFL to be interviewed.

 They feature great interviews with all of the most leading and controversial figures in the game of pro football and nothing is sugar coated on this program so you get to hear everything that the NFL can show you and that includes the good, the bad and the ugly that these top players and coaches have to say. If you are going to get serious about the upcoming football season then this would be one channel that you should give some serious consideration to. 스포츠중계

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