Elite Sport Socks

Designed for multi-sport versatility, elite sport socks are engineered to provide performance, style, & comfort. These high-performance crew socks feature moisture control yarns, breathable mesh, ergonomic cushioning, arch compression, and double welt top to prevent slippage around the calf. Available in youth and adult sizes, they are a great fit for basketball, football, lacrosse, wrestling, tennis, volleyball & more.

Choosing the right pair of socks is important for athletes as it can affect their performance. Poorly fitting or old socks can result in blisters, chafing, or restricted circulation. Often, these problems can distract an athlete from performing their best.

Socks made from a natural or synthetic fibre are usually better suited for sports than cotton socks. Cotton socks tend to trap moisture against the foot, leading to clammy and odour-causing feet. However, socks made from technical synthetic fibres such as merino wool, polyester, and nylon are sweat-wicking and breathable to keep feet dry and comfortable.

A recent study examined the effects of wearing compression socks during long-haul air travel on exercise performance and physiological alterations in elite female volleyball players. Participants were assigned to either wear compression socks (COMP) or a control pair of non-compression socks (CON). Results indicated that COMP socks maintained exercise performance and reduced lower-limb swelling compared to CON. These results coincided with no significant changes in cardiovascular parameters, such as heart rate and blood pressure, and subjective ratings of fatigue, alertness, muscle soreness, and overall health. elite sport socks

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