Finding the Right Celebrity Bodyguard

Celebrities hire armed bodyguards to keep them safe. Whether it’s dealing with over-zealous fans or paparazzi chasing them around town, the job requires a lot of attention and skill to perform well.

The perks of being a celebrity bodyguard are that they work round the clock and get paid well for their services. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t under pressure to be the perfect fit for their client, as any missteps can make the news and hurt their reputation.

For example, if a celebrity bodyguard is escorting their star through a crowded hotel lobby and they push people to gain the right of way or touch the celebrity, it could end up getting them barred from the location for violating security protocols. Celebrities look for professional protectors who respect their clients, speak only when spoken to and a general attitude of “Friendly but not familiar” when interacting with the public.

It’s no secret that some celebrity bodyguards go bad, with a few having been accused of physical and sexual assault, or even of being their own personal hitmen. It’s a delicate balance between delivering a quality service and acting like a buddy with your client, and the truth is that many close protection operatives struggle to strike that fine line. That’s why it’s important to hire a reputable agency to find the best celebrity bodyguard for you. They’ll have the experience and expertise to understand what it takes to be a successful celebrity protection expert. Billie Jean enterprises

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