Funko Pop – The Best Marvel Funko Pops

Funko Pop is one of those beloved, collectible lines that merges fandoms with a playful uniform style and a fair price point. Whether you’re a huge hero lover, can’t get enough villains, or just love the complexities of anti-heroes, these figurines are the perfect way to show off your Marvel obsession. To help you out, EW has compiled the best Marvel Funko Pops to add to your collection.

  1. Stan Lee
    He may not be a Marvel character, but without the late Marvel creator, it’s safe to say that the Marvel universe wouldn’t be where it is today. A fitting tribute, this Pop captures the comic book legend in a stylized patina finish that makes him look like a miniature bronze statue.
  2. The Avengers Assemble
    It’s a good idea to start any Marvel Pop collection with this series of figurines, which depict the heroes from the first Avengers movie in their signature poses. This particular figure features Iron Man in his Stark Tech Suit and Cap in his classic shield and Mjolnir.
  3. Doctor Strange
    The Funko Pops based on the Marvel movies are some of the most popular. This one in particular captures the on-screen mysticism of the Sorcerer Supreme with his mystical robes and swirling cape. While the figure’s value fluctuates — it dropped 14% in May 2023 — its rarity and accuracy make it an attractive collectible for Marvel fans. The 480 figures were only produced at one time, making this Funko Pop a valuable addition to any Marvel collection. funko pop marvel

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