German Courses in London

German is the most widely spoken native language in the European Union with 95 million speakers worldwide. It is an official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, a segment of Belgium and Luxembourg, and a co-official language in parts of northern Italy and the Alsace and Lorraine regions of France. It also has a large number of private speakers and is the most widely studied foreign language at university level in the UK.

Given these facts, it is not surprising that London is a great place to take German courses and to learn the language. London has a multitude of options for learning German, from local tutors to full-fledged language programs offered by the Goethe-Institut. Those who prefer a more flexible approach can opt for private German lessons with a native-level teacher.

Private German classes can be tailored to your specific needs and learning style and are available to students of all ages and levels. These lessons are based on the communicative approach to language learning. The teacher uses only the target language in lessons and focuses on the skills needed to communicate. This is a far cry from the traditional lecture-based classroom approach found at school and university.

If you want to learn German in the workplace, there are courses at different levels that can help prepare you for a job in a company with a German-speaking office or a project in Germany. These courses cover basic language proficiency, including reading, writing and listening. The lessons are highly interactive and taught by native or near-native-level teachers. Assessment is a combination of class participation, in-class written and oral assessments and a portfolio.

For a more structured and paced learning experience, there are also German intensive courses that offer higher numbers of class hours per week. These courses can be ideal for those who need to learn the language quickly — whether for academic or professional reasons. These intensive courses are offered to students of all ages and range in level from beginner to advanced.

Depending on the intensity of the course, you may choose to attend lessons face-to-face in the classroom or online. The latter option offers the flexibility of studying at a time and location that suits your schedule.

Regardless of the type of German course you choose, there is always a way to make the most of your study time. Try taking a German class with friends or colleagues, find a partner to practice with, or arrange an activity that allows you to use the language in a real-world setting. You can even join a club that holds German-related activities such as a book club or a game night. The opportunities are endless! So don’t delay – get started on your German journey today! German courses London

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