German Courses in London

Whether you want to visit a German-speaking country like Germany, Austria, or Switzerland or simply get better at speaking the language, there is a course for you. From beginners survival German to intensive courses for business professionals, there are many ways to learn German in London.

Rosetta Stone’s beginner survival German lessons focus on learning vocabulary words in context so that you can speak from the start of your classes. They also teach you how to pronounce German correctly. This is important because, unlike English, German is phonetically consistent and words sound the way they are spelled.

This company offers private, in-person German courses as well as online lessons, allowing you to learn at your own pace. Their lessons are fun, interactive, and immersive and each lesson builds on the previous one. If you are an absolute beginner, they will take the time to understand your unique learning challenges and tailor their lessons to you.

They offer a variety of levels, from A1.1 (suitable for complete beginners) to B2+ which allows you to use the language in most everyday situations. Their classes are taught by native speakers and employ the communicative approach.

While their German courses do not lead to a formal certificate of achievement, they will help you learn the basics of this complex and beautiful language and provide you with the tools needed to be able to converse in German. This is perfect for those planning to travel or working with German-speaking clients. They also offer intensive German classes if you are looking to learn the language quickly. German courses London

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