German Courses in London

With its global credentials and position at the forefront of international interconnectivity, it almost goes without saying that London is a city bursting with German courses to suit every language learning requirement. From the Goethe-Institut and university programs to bespoke private tutors, a range of options are available to get you speaking German in no time at all.

With an extensive network of language centres across the UK, Berlitz offers a number of flexible German courses in London. The language school’s personalised approach to German learning is geared towards getting you speaking from the very first lesson and focuses on building conversational skills. The lessons are immersive and designed to help you understand real-life conversations, and the team of native tutors will support you as you learn.

This course is aimed at students and professionals looking to start or improve their German. Lessons are conducted in small groups, and the teaching style is communicative and dynamic, helping you to engage with the language and build your confidence. The course is structured so that you will progress from A1 to A2 and develop your vocabulary, language learning skills, cultural awareness and the ability to discuss a wide range of everyday topics using appropriate structures.

If you are looking for a more structured approach to your German tuition, consider this course from Olesen Tuition. The language lessons are tailored to your individual needs and taught by an Oxford-educated, native tutor. Lessons are offered in the evening, which makes them ideal for working professionals, and they offer a mix of speaking, listening, reading and writing exercises. Lessons are energetic and positive, and mistakes are seen as an important part of the learning process – which helps you to feel at ease. German courses London

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