Hazelnut Cake – A Delicious and Nutty Treat

Hazelnut cake is a delicious and nutty treat that is perfect for any occasion. Tupperware It is easy to make and will impress everyone. It’s also a great way to use up extra ingredients that you might have on hand.

Layers of nutty chocolate cake, creamy Nutella frosting, and crunchy chopped hazelnuts create a dessert that is truly decadent! This homemade cake is a beautiful treat that can be served alone or decorated with florets of Nutella flavored frosting and additional chopped hazelnuts for decoration.

A very moist, delicious and easy nut loaf cake made with toasted ground hazelnuts, whipping cream, dark chocolate and butter in less than 15 minutes! This German hazelnut nut loaf cake is a family favorite that will taste even better the next day. It can be dusted with powdered sugar (icing sugar), drizzled with icing or glazed with chocolate or simply left en natura for a snack.

The best part about this recipe is that it is incredibly easy to make and is so much more versatile than a traditional nut loaf. You can use any ground nut you want, including almonds or walnuts if you prefer. It’s a fantastically easy and quick baking recipe that is ideal for beginner bakers, too!

First, you must measure out your whole roasted hazelnuts. It is important to fit only as many as you can in the measuring cup without them bulging over the side of the cup or falling over. Once you have a nice even amount, it is time to grind your hazelnuts.

Add the remaining dry ingredients to the ground hazelnuts in a separate bowl and stir to combine. Once the flour and cocoa have been mixed in with the nut mixture, add them to the egg yolks, whisking gently until well combined.

For the frosting, instead of using regular buttercream, you will make a mousseline cream that is enhanced with a delicious and rich hazelnut praline paste. It is a super-rich, silky frosting that you can easily make at home!

Alternatively, you can also add some chocolate chips to the batter. This will add a hint of chocolate to the cake and will also give it more depth of flavor.

If you are short on time and don’t mind the extra effort, you can also opt to buy a store-bought hazelnut cake from your local bakery. This is a lovely option for a special occasion or a holiday celebration!

The frosting can be made with fresh or store-bought hazelnut flavored spreads. It is important to note that the oils can separate over time, so it’s a good idea to get yours fresh before you begin.

You can also choose to add a little vanilla extract to the frosting if you like a more nutty flavor. This will also enhance the flavor of the hazelnuts in the cake.

You can also top the cake with a few Ferrero Roche chocolates for added decoration. This will bring out the hazelnut flavor more, which is a really great way to enjoy this cake!

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