Highlighting and Shading Hairstyles

Highlights are a great way to boost your base color or create a signature look without committing to a dramatic dye job. Highlights lighten and brighten strands of hair, while adding dimension, volume, and shine to the overall look. Highlights can be any shade, from a soft silver to a golden caramel, but the key is to have your stylist create an enhancing contrast between them and your overall color. Highlights can also be used to lighten up gray hair, concealing regrowth with minimal maintenance.

Foil highlights use aluminum foil to saturate precise strands of hair. They typically require a darker or warmer base color to achieve an optimum result. Foil highlights tend to require more maintenance than other techniques as they create a more pronounced line of separation between the highlighted strands and your natural color, which can lead to obvious regrowth lines.

Another popular option is balayage, a color technique that uses hand-painted highlights to create a natural blending effect. Balayage works well on most types of hair, including straight, wavy and curly styles. This is a low-maintenance option that requires less frequent touch-ups than full coverage highlights, but it is important to choose the right stylist for this style to prevent damaging or overprocessing your hair.

No matter which method you choose, both highlighting and shading can enhance your natural skin tone for a summer-like glow all year long. Just be sure to maintain proper care with a color-safe hair routine and regular deep conditioning treatments to prevent brittle or dry hair. Highlights

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