Holistic and Alternative Medicine in Austin, Texas

Holistic medicine has gained popularity as medical researchers continue to uncover ways your physical, emotional, and spiritual health are connected. While spot treatments of specific medical issues may offer short-term relief, holistic doctors look at the whole picture in order to help you achieve a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

Allergy relief and elimination with NAET, acupuncture, Celluma LED light therapy, nutritional, diet and lifestyle consultation, treatment of hormonal imbalance and fertility, emotional health, autism, autoimmune & chronic illness. Herbal & supplement sales and consultation.

Dr. Pichardo is a board certified family physician who practices functional/integrative medicine in Austin, Texas. She is trained in both traditional and natural therapies including functional medicine, nutrition, herbal medicine, exercise, meditation and mindfulness. She is also a registered yoga instructor. She is passionate about helping people to heal themselves using a holistic approach. Her goal is to empower patients to make their own healthy choices and create a life they love! Her practice includes both pediatrics and adults. She is accepting new patients! Call for an appointment today.. alternative medicine austin

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