Hourly Care Dorchester

Hourly Care Dorchester
There are a number of drop-in daycare options in the Dorchester area that parents can use to find care for their children. These home daycares are licensed by the Department of Early Education and Care, meaning that they have passed a background record check and completed trainings in childhood development and health & safety. Many of these home daycares accept only a few children, so each child gets plenty of attention.

Licensed Family Daycare
There is a licensed family daycare called Hope Fitzgerald’s Home Daycare in Dorchester that is a great option for parents who want small-scale daycare in the community. This home daycare takes only 8 children, so each child will get plenty of individual attention. All of the home daycares on NeighborSchools are licensed, so you can rest assured that they have passed a background record check, and that they have completed required trainings in childhood development, health & safety.

24 Hour Daycare
24 hour daycares near me in Dorchester Center, MA generally serve children from toddlers to age 12, and they often provide educational, creative and physical activities to encourage each child’s holistic growth. In addition to these services, they may also offer meals and snacks to children, and homework assistance when necessary. Hourly Care Dorchester

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