Houston Drain Cleaning Tips

Whether your bathtub is clogged with hair, toothpaste and soap scum or your kitchen sink drain is sluggish, a professional plumber can restore proper flow. This can also eliminate unpleasant odors caused by trapped food and other debris in your pipes.

The best way to prevent a clogged drain is to use a sink strainer and clean it regularly. You should also avoid tossing items like coffee grounds, bones, stringy or expandable foods into the garbage disposal and never flush unused pills or medicine down the toilet.

If you notice water stains on your ceiling or wall, there is a chance that you have a hidden leak in your plumbing. Experienced plumbers can locate and repair these leaks, reducing your energy bills and protecting your home’s structural integrity.

Houston’s soil is prone to shifting, and this can cause problems with your plumbing. Experienced plumbers can install pressure balancing valves to keep your home’s plumbing working smoothly.

The City of Houston’s open drainage ditches are frequently clogged with trash, overgrowth and other debris. This can lead to blockages and sewer overflows in residential neighborhoods. The city is reversing a decades-old policy that placed the responsibility of regularly cleaning these ditches on property owners, placing this task back in the hands of city crews. houston drain cleaning

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