How a Plasma Purchase or Plasma Rental Can Be a Smart Money Choice

Consumers looking to purchase a new television set in today’s down-turned economy have many options available. Many consumers have been trading downward (downsizing); buying smaller LCD television sets to save money. But a lot of other consumers have realized that trading up to a plasma television is actually a very economical decision; a way to get more screen for less money.

Especially in the very large screen sizes, a lower resolution 720p plasma high definition television (HDTV) has a considerable cost advantage over a similar sized liquid crystal display (LCD) televisions with 1080p resolution. Value-minded customers who take the time to do a little bit of research before making a purchase are beginning to realize this, and then make the decision to buy or rent a plasma television.

Plasma television sales have actually increased significantly in the past couple of years, according to a report from Quixel Research. The jump in sales was attributed to customers looking to save money. That money savings can be realized whether the customer opts to purchase a plasma or rent a plasma set.

In the large screen size category (50 inches or more), 720p plasma televisions are far less expensive than 1080p LCD sets. Just check out Amazon and compare the prices. Plasma televisions can cost twenty-five to fifty percent less than their LCD counterparts even they are not on sale. Not surprisingly, this competition has begun to drive down the prices of LCD sets, but plasma still has the price advantage at least for now

When customers choose a 720p plasma television set over a 1080p LCD set, they send a clear message to the manufacturers that any slight advantage the LCD might have in picture quality is simply not worth the extra cost associated with it. Those customers are right. Television signals are simply not broadcast in 1080p, so if you are using the set to watch your favorite television shows there is no need to buy anything else.

Only Blu-ray discs bring out the best of 1080p resolution. Customers who are savvy to this information also know that if they do not have a Blu-ray play and have no plans to buy one, then the 720p television set will meet all of their needs. They also know that if they were to go ahead and buy or rent a plasma with that 720p television format, there is no reason to go ahead and purchase the Blu-ray player since its full resolution cannot be displayed on the 720p screen. Hence, they save even more money.

While plasma television sets still represent a minority percent of all flat-screen sets purchased, they are increasing in popularity. This current economic downturn may have turned out to be a boon for the plasma industry. Outdoor LED Screen

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