How to Get More Viewers on Your Twitch Stream

If you want more viewers on your twitch stream, you need to create good content that makes people care. That means entertaining them with a game you’re playing or something else that will make them laugh or feel good. You also need to be nice and respectful to your viewers, because people will only stay with you if they see that you’re a friendly person.

If they don’t, they’ll go to another stream and won’t be back. So you need to try and build a community that feels like an extended family. That includes being a good friend to your viewers, but it also means creating a positive space for them to be themselves and share their opinions in.

You should also aim to play games that aren’t too popular, because the viewer-to-streamer ratio will be better. This will allow you to stand out from the crowd and make it more likely that people looking for a specific game will find your channel.

Finally, you should try to be consistent in your broadcasting schedule. This will help your viewers know when to expect you, and it’ll help them genuinely look forward to your streams.

You can also try to reduce the number of fake viewers that watch your stream by regularly checking for bots with the Twitch Bot list. Fake viewers can negatively affect your stream by wasting subs that you’ve earned from your generous viewers. They can also create spam in your chat that may be offensive to some people. зрители на стрим твич

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