How to Get Moving Quotes

Getting multiple moving quotes is one of the best ways to ensure that you’re not overpaying for your move. It also allows you to test out different companies and get a feel for what they offer. A few things to keep in mind when requesting quotes are that prices will vary, as they are based on the size of your shipment and other factors like add-ons and extra services. If a quote is drastically higher or lower than others, it could be a sign that something is amiss and the company may not be reputable.

It’s important to request quotes from a few well-reviewed movers in your area. Then, compare the quotes to find the most competitive option. Some movers provide instant estimates on their websites, which are helpful for establishing a ballpark figure. However, many movers will also do an in-person survey of your home to give you a more accurate estimate. This can be done through the movers’ website, by scheduling an appointment online or over the phone, or by visiting your local Agoyu office.

In-person quotes are generally more accurate than those from a website, as they allow the estimator to see and handle your belongings directly. This helps them give you a more precise estimate of what your move will cost, including any additional services that you may need such as packing or storage. Some movers even offer discounts for new customers, so make sure to ask about them when requesting an in-person quote.

There are three types of moving quotes: non-binding, binding, and binding-not-to-exceed. A non-binding moving estimate is a quote based on the movers’ best guess of what your total cost will be based on past experience. Your final cost will be based on the weight of your shipment and any accessorial services you choose. By law, movers cannot charge more than 110% of your written non-binding estimate.

Binding and binding-not-to-exceed moving estimates lock in the price of your move, so you won’t be surprised on your moving day with unexpected costs. This type of quote is typically offered with interstate moves and requires that you pay for your shipment based on its actual weight, rather than an hourly rate. However, it is important to note that movers reserve the right to refuse service if your shipment does not meet minimum weight requirements. For this reason, it’s important to be as accurate as possible when filling out your inventory list and providing information about your move. get moving quotes

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