How to Properly Prepare for Diamond Painting

Diamond painting, which involves placing tiny jewel-like beads onto a pre-printed canvas to create a sparkling work of art, is quickly becoming a popular pastime for many. Many people find the craft relaxing and stress-relieving, as they can lose themselves in the pattern and enjoy a sense of accomplishment once their masterpiece is complete. However, like any hobby or craft, it is important to properly prepare before starting your project in order to ensure the best results.

While diamond painting can be done solo, it is often more enjoyable and effective to work with a partner. This allows you to split the work load and also double-check your progress. In addition, working with a partner can help you finish your painting faster, as it will reduce the chances of making mistakes and also give you an extra set of eyes to spot any issues.

When it comes to choosing a partner, you should try and find someone who has the same level of experience as you. This will not only make the process much more enjoyable but will also allow you to work more efficiently. You should also be aware of any potential issues that may arise while you are working together, such as how to correctly place the diamonds and any color substitutions that may need to be made.

Before you begin, it is important to remove the plastic film slowly and only work on a section at a time. This will help prevent any unwanted dust or debris from getting on your work. Additionally, you should cover any parts of the canvas that you aren’t working on with parchment paper or washi tape to protect it from any potential smudges.

Once you have removed the plastic film, you should lay your canvas down on a flat surface and then take out your diamond applicator pen, wax and tray. Start by dipping the tip of your pen into the wax a few times, until it has a good amount of color on it. Once your pen is loaded, carefully pick up a diamond and then place it on the canvas where needed. Continue this process until your picture is completely finished.

If you are having trouble with picking up the diamonds, you can always use a pair of tweezers to grab them. This is a great way to avoid damaging your canvas and also gives you more control over where each diamond goes. You should also be sure to jiggle the tray every now and then to ensure all of the diamonds are round side up, as this will make it easier to select one for placement.

Once your canvas is completely finished, you should let it sit overnight under heavy weight to further adhere the diamonds and also keep them uniform. You can use a stack of books, a cutting board or even a box, just as long as it is large enough to fit over your canvas. Once the canvas has sat under weight, you should peel off the tape and then frame it so that you can proudly display your beautiful creation..

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