How to Select a Socks Factory

Socks are a small part of the average person’s wardrobe but can be a lucrative business opportunity for new entrepreneurs. Socks are a versatile product that can be tailored to meet aesthetics, functions, and customer demand. We visited a sock factory to understand the manufacturing process and learn how to select a supplier that will provide your company with quality socks at an affordable price.

A sock factory starts with the raw materials for the fabric, which can be cotton, modal, wool, viscose rayon, and polyester. The raw yarn is washed, spun, and dyed to the Pantone color you request. Technicians will then compile your confirmed socks parameters into a program code and input it into the sock machine. This machine will weave the yarns into toe unstitched socks. The socks are then boarded to keep them flat and tidy. The socks are paired and then inspected before they can be packaged and shipped to your retail stores or customers.

Depending on your design requirements, your sock supplier will use various types of machinery to manufacture your socks. For example, if your socks have special functionalities like anti-slip, the manufacturer will use special machines to make them. Similarly, if your socks are printed with a specific image, the manufacturer will use a different printing machine for that purpose.

When choosing a socks manufacturer, look for one that has been accredited by internationally recognized standards like ISO 9001, OEKO-TEX, and Sedex. This will ensure the highest level of quality and consistency throughout the production process. It will also demonstrate your sock supplier’s commitment to social responsibility and environmental influence. socks factory

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