How to Select an Outdoor TV Lift

Whether you want to watch TV from your backyard patio or at the poolside, an outdoor tv lift can give you more options than simply mounting a flat-screen television to the wall. It allows you to raise and lower the TV with the click of a button so that it can be easily seen by guests and family members. It also keeps the TV enclosed, protecting it from the elements like rain and dust.

A tv lift cabinet can be made from wood or metal, and can hold most brands of TVs, including those with HD and 3D capabilities. Choose one that fits your space, style and budget. It is also important to ensure the cabinet meets the VESA standards for your TV. This means that the lifting mechanism can support your TV set without causing any damage.

It should also be easy to operate. Ideally, you should get a model that features a lever that is easy to reach so that all members of the family can use it. It is also advisable to select a TV lift that has multiple positions so that you can adjust the screen with ease. This way, everyone can sit comfortably in front of the screen while watching their favorite TV shows.

One of the most important considerations when selecting an outdoor tv lift is its safety rating. The device should have a fail-safe procedure so that it will shut off the TV when there is a power outage or if it comes into contact with water. This is essential to prevent any accidents that may occur while watching your favorite TV shows. In addition, make sure that you check the manufacturer’s warranty.

The design of an outdoor tv lift cabinet should be sturdy and durable, so that it can withstand harsh weather elements. Moreover, the cabinet should have a lock so that it will be secure against intruders. It should also have a hinged door for easy access to the controls.

The cabinet should also have a seal-tight powder coated top for the ultimate protection of your electronics. It should have a 360-degree swivel and a sound bar shelf for enhanced viewing and convenience. The cabinet should also be on caster wheels for easier movement. Moreover, it should have an IR remote control that is compatible with your TV and other electronics.

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