How to Turn Auto Update Toggle Off on Your iPhone

How to Turn Auto Update Toggle Off on Your iPhone

Make sure that the background apps setting is off in the Settings app; this feature updates information from apps like Weather or Stocks automatically in the background, potentially draining both battery life and data plan resources.

Apple also provides some other iPhone settings you should disable to conserve battery and data usage, including Push Email which constantly checks for new emails, and Legacy Contact which enables you to choose someone who will access your iPhone after your death.

Background App Refresh

iPhone batteries can quickly drain when apps run background app refresh, frequently refreshing their content even when the phone is idle. You can turn this feature off under Settings > General > Background App Refresh to preserve battery life and data usage; or disable location services for individual apps that may still track you.

Auto App Updates, which updates mobile app content automatically over WiFi or cellular data, can quickly drain battery life and use up data usage if you don’t have an unlimited plan. To reduce data consumption on iPhone, set it to only update apps via Wi-Fi updates while disabling cellular data for certain apps – says Hazell.

Battery saving tips on any iOS device are relatively straightforward and simple, with this being one of them. Simply toggle in the Settings app to prevent apps from running in the background – something which drains both battery life and storage space – which consumes both. Instead, only allow apps to launch when opened instead – although this may lead to slower app performance but will ultimately extend battery life!

iOS 15’s new features let you quickly identify which applications are using up the most battery power and data usage on your smartphone, along with what location services they’re accessing. This gives you more control over privacy and how your smartphone uses data usage. Alternatively, you can opt to block certain apps from accessing location services – perfect for travelers needing to conserve battery power when out and about!

Automatic App Downloads

Automatic app updates on an iPhone can conserve battery life, but at the same time consume data or storage space. To conserve both, turn this feature off in the settings. To stop automatic downloads of apps from iTunes and App Store: Go into Settings -> iTunes and App Store and scroll down until you find Automatic Downloads section and turn off Updates switch.

iOS will download app updates when they become available via Wi-Fi when automatically enabled, though if your data plan is limited you may prefer not to enable this setting.

App Store developments now include app bundles, which enable developers to offer discounted bundles of related apps from one developer, and the Newsstand shelf that displays all your magazine and newspaper apps. In addition, preview videos are now available of apps which have been selected as Editors’ Choice as well as search results that display trending searches in order to help discover new apps.

Download booster can speed up media downloads of 30 MB or larger on the App Store, making streaming content much faster than usual. However, its usage may incur additional data charges depending on your provider and price plan; to avoid this from happening you can disable “Auto Update Apps Over Wi-Fi Only” setting in Settings -> iTunes and App Store > Swipe up from any screen to open Control Center then tap Download Booster switch off in Control Center to deactivate it.

App Store users have another important capability of taking advantage of: its ability to recognize which apps are updated more frequently. This can help identify deals or identify potential bugs and performance issues more easily. You can activate this feature in Settings -> iTunes and App Store -> General -> Background App Refresh by toggling “Updates Only on Wi-Fi.”

Push Email

If you aren’t part of iOS beta software program, these features may not appear on your iPhone; if that is the case for you, however, they can still be turned off to conserve battery life and extend its longevity. In particular, to save additional power you should turn off “Fetch New Data” feature for Mail, Contacts and Calendars since that feature constantly checks for new email whereas Fetch mode only checks at set intervals.

Your iPhone Push Notifications may also drain battery power; to disable them, navigate to Settings then Notifications.

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