How to Turn Off Safe Driving Mode on iPhone

How to Turn Off Safe Driving Mode on iPhone

Apple’s iOS 11 operating system features an option that automatically mutes incoming calls and notifications while driving, sending out automatic replies to contacts as you’re driving. Unfortunately, however, this feature won’t activate itself without manually setting it up or using Apple CarPlay on your phone.

Brake and other road safety charities are calling on cellphone providers to install blockers on all smartphones in a campaign urging for universal smartphone security.

  1. Go to Settings

Apple’s iPhone software will soon include a feature to detect when you are driving and automatically silence calls, messages, and notifications. Dubbed ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ by the company, this new feature only operates when connected via Bluetooth or CarPlay to a vehicle; passengers may use the passenger button on the side of their device to bypass it if desired. Alternatively, this can also be set manually; emergency services or trusted contacts will still receive phone calls without disruptions.

iOS 11 will debut this fall and automatically activates this feature when connected to a car’s Bluetooth system or activate CarPlay. You’ll be able to adjust settings in order to temporarily halt its function during driving – Siri will still work, and certain notifications such as your favorite radio station can still be allowed through.

Campaigners are calling on other tech companies to implement similar safe driving modes on mobile phones in order to counter what they refer to as an epidemic of texting and social media use while driving. Android and Windows phone owners already have apps such as Samsung’s Car Mode that provide simple large icon-based screens which only display essential functions and can be controlled using voice.

  1. Tap Do Not Disturb

New iOS 11 operating system feature helps drivers stay focused on the road – Do Not Disturb mode is designed to assist. When activated, this mode detects when an iPhone is moving and automatically mutes notifications while its owner drives. Furthermore, users’ Favorites receive messages informing them they are driving and cannot respond until arriving at their destination. Alternatively, individuals can manually activate Do Not Disturb if desired.

IIHS research indicates that approximately three in four iPhone owners who are compatible with Apple’s Do Not Disturb While Driving feature use it at least some of the time when driving their iPhones at least weekly. A national telephone survey was used for this research project.

The IIHS study discovered that those who had recently used the phone blocker liked it and agreed it should become a standard feature on all cellphones. Even those who hadn’t tried the feature reported being open to giving it a try and didn’t find it annoying or distracting.

Apple introduced Focus, a feature in iOS 11 that lets you filter notifications from apps in Safari, email addresses in Mail, calendar events in Calendar and text messages in the Messages app. While this won’t stop you from using your phone while driving, but will mute notifications and keep the screen dark – while still permitting access to hands-free calls, Siri voice assistant and Maps App.

Apple’s built-in Safe Driving Mode stands out among Android and Windows phones; campaigners are calling upon tech firms that produce Samsung, Google and Microsoft phones to implement similar safe driving features in order to combat what has become known as the “texting while driving epidemic”. An estimated 11million drivers regularly use their smartphone devices while behind the wheel for sending texts messages, taking selfies or posting to social media – something Apple’s Safe Driving Mode provides.

  1. Tap Driving Mode

Apple’s latest operating system for iPhones, iOS 11, has an innovative feature to detect when you are driving and automatically muffle all notifications including calls, texts and social media updates. Additionally, it sends auto-replies notifying contacts that you will not be responding until arriving at your destination. You can activate it manually or wirelessly connected via Apple CarPlay in your car stereo system – campaigners have been calling on tech firms that manufacture Android and Windows phones to adopt similar systems so as to reduce distracted driving “epidemic”. (Photo: AP Photo/Mark J McCreary)

Be Phone Smart group, comprising Brake, the RAC and RED Driving School has written to Google, Samsung and Microsoft asking them to develop similar systems for smartphones.

  1. Tap Turn Off

Apple’s forthcoming iOS 11 operating system, set for release on September 12, will recognize when you are driving and automatically shut off push notifications and send contacts an auto-reply alerting them that you are on the road. Campaigners hope Android and Microsoft smartphones also install safe driving modes in order to combat texting while driving epidemic; such measures could even lower insurance premiums for drivers; for more details on this matter please see our Be Phone Smart campaign.

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