How to Use Real Estate Video to Promote Your Property

New Zealanders can buy properties via online platforms, but many prefer to work with a real estate agent. The average New Zealander buys one property every two years, so agents add value to the process by providing expertise, advice and guidance.

Police searching for missing Christchurch real estate agent Yanfei Bao say they have a “growing concern” for her safety. They found a cellphone belonging to her on the motorway near where she was last seen.

Virtual Tour

Virtual tours offer a unique and interactive experience that can be shared through a variety of social media channels. When a video is posted, it can spread far and wide, giving new potential clients the opportunity to see a home or real estate development for themselves. This can lead to an increased number of leads and a larger pool of qualified buyers or renters.

Virtual Tours allow users to click on objects and discover details and information about a space. Users can choose from a big library of icons or highlight their own images to work as clickable hotspots. These can trigger actions like opening a pop-up detail image, 3D model, multifaceted info window, contact form, website or video (360o and normal).

3D Virtual Tours are particularly effective in increasing lead generation as they enable a greater level of engagement with the space. These are ideal for showing off property amenities or showcasing an interior space in a way that would be impossible to do using photographs alone.

Gating a virtual tour is an excellent lead generation tactic for real estate and property management agencies. It enables you to create an interactive experience that teases people with the opportunity to view more of your community, but only in exchange for their contact information. It’s a great way to generate more qualified leads, increase conversion and grow your database of customers.

Compelling Storytelling

Property is a popular topic on social media, and real estate agents that deal with properties on a regular basis have a wellspring of content to tap into. You could use a smartphone and modern editing software to make the content in-house, or you can pay a professional production company to handle it for you.

One agent in New Zealand is leveraging these tools to help her stand out from the crowd. Vanessa is a licensed and premier performing salesperson with Ray White Metro in Christchurch, where the city has had to cope with major changes due to the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes.

She uses her real estate website to share a genuine and personable profile video, giving prospective vendors a glimpse of what it’s like to work with her. She also shares behind-the-scenes videos that give viewers a sense of her commitment to finding the right buyer for their homes. As she stood watching the searchers combing farmland in Greenpark, thirty minutes south of Christchurch, she said it was “amazing” that they were still going strong after three weeks, and vowed to bring closure to Bao’s heartbroken family.

Increased Leads

The Christchurch real estate market is booming and the city is becoming an increasingly popular destination for investors. However, the city’s housing market may be reaching a peak. With interest rate rises and stricter lending rules on the horizon, it could be time for investors to look elsewhere.

On a frost-tinged Tuesday morning, police searched for a missing New Zealand real estate agent on the property where she was due to show a client through. The house in Hornby was cordoned off, and forensic investigators were working on it. A car belonging to the man accused of kidnapping Yanfei Bao was seen parked nearby.

New Zealand is home to many unique and thriving communities, and the Christchurch city centre is no exception. From the world-renowned arts and culture scene, to some of the country’s most beautiful beaches and natural landscapes, the city has something for everyone.

The city’s burgeoning population and growing economy has led to increased demand for affordable homes. As a result, the city has become one of the country’s top property investment destinations. To help you make the right decision, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best properties in Christchurch to invest in. We’ll also discuss how fast real estate video Christchurch are expected to grow, and which suburbs have the highest rental yields.

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