Lifestyle Coaching for Healthier Lifestyles

A coach helps clients develop a clear vision of their goals. They also sift through health information to help them make informed decisions that promote well-being and balance.

Life coaches focus on creating a positive mindset that empowers the client to achieve their goals. They ask thought-provoking questions and listen wholly to their clients. They also encourage their clients to challenge themselves in a safe and supportive environment.

They also use validated motivation & goal achievement tools to support their clients in reaching their potential. They can apply these techniques to their client’s goals in any area of their life—whether it’s a desire to find more fulfillment, build a healthy relationship, improve physical health, cultivate a fulfilling career, or create a meaningful sense of purpose.

Like therapists, life coaches are skilled at encouraging clients to heal from mental health challenges and achieve their personal goals. They differ from therapists, however, in that they do not treat mental disorders or work with individuals with unresolved problems.

Coaching for healthier lifestyles has found its way into health care settings, largely due to research proving that it is effective in helping clients and patients sustain behaviors to reduce risk for chronic diseases. The Mayo Clinic offers a comprehensive coaching program with training that includes a certification in health and wellness. The International Coach Federation (ICF) is another organization that offers accredited lifestyle coach training programs with a wide range of coaching methodologies. Livsstilscoaching

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