Making Sense Of Basic Car Warranty Law For Automobiles

The car warranty law was designed to protect both the seller and the buyer when a car is purchased.  It does make for some interesting reading, but it will definitely make you think twice before you buy or sell a car.

Emission controls are the parts of your car that control how much carbon emission is put out by your auto when you drive it.  The majority of these emissions come from the exhaust pipe of your vehicle.  Depending on how well your car is running and the condition of the emission control equipment will determine how much carbon emission you are producing per use.

If you have a brand new car and the emissions controls fail, you can take it back to the dealer and use the federally imposed car warranty law to have the parts fixed or replaced for free. Because the emissions controls aren’t something that people think about, it is a good idea to find out how long you can take advantage of this offer or get an emissions test performed at a local garage.

Under the new car warranty law, car manufacturers have to give the new owner a certification that the most important parts that keep the car running are not defective. The manufacturer knows his parts aren’t defective because the factory puts each car through some elusive quality control tests before it ever leaves the factory. This law helps manufacturers shirk their responsibilities for defective cars and still hide lets them hide behind limited warranties that only cover certain parts or that become null and void after the car is driven a certain number of miles.

What’s really interesting about the quality control test, which is needed to certify a car, is that the manufacturer performs it on his own cars in order to give himself his own certification.  However, is not clearly defined whether or not this certification gives the buyers some recourse of action if they experience problems with the car. This part of the new car warranty law doesn’t name any specific parts, how rigorously they should be tested, or exactly what the manufacturer is looking for when he tests important components. But, as long as the paper is issued, the car is certified.

Under the car warranty law if you purchase an auto As Is, the manufacturer and the dealership has no responsibility for the repairs on the car.  Essentially, the owner of the car is responsible for all maintenance and all repairs that will need to be performed on the auto.  This applies to used cars. extended warranty car

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