Making Strides in Online Transcription

Online transcription continues to grow as an integral part of professional services. While it’s commonly aligned with the legal and medical professions, online transcription provides an assortment of benefits for a variety of professions (real estate, corporate, small business, education) as well as for personal use.

The primary advantage to Internet transcription rests in the fact that even though information is transferred digitally, each piece of content is handled by an individual person.  This allows the service provider to easily customize and tailor specific documentation requirements to the customer.

Likewise, regardless of the need for the transcription service (personal or professional), many service providers offer certification and secure transmission of documents. Legal documents, medical records, video and audio interviews, personal testimony, personal journals; all these items are handled securely and are safe from corruption or the mishandling sometimes experienced with transferring and mailing physical documents or media.

Online Transcription is a Time Saver

While deadlines aren’t common among personal media, professionals sometimes need rapid response and a quick turn around with important audio and video files. Outsourcing using Internet transcription greatly reduces the wait time as files are transferred digitally.  

This allows medical, legal and other professionals the time to focus on handling their business and managing other more important tasks. Online transcription also provides broader service reach; professionals are no longer limited to working with transcriptionists within their geographic area.

Flexible Media Handling with Internet Transcription

Because of the varied industries that require transcription, established service providers are used to an assortment of media and source material.  No matter what type of audio you have on hand, depending on the quality of the recording, it can be transcribed by a professional. Alternative To WeTransfer

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