Natural Red Food Colors

Natural Food Colors are derived from ingredients found in nature and are used to make foods more appealing. The colors are usually water soluble and can be added to foods without altering the taste of the dish. This allows for a more subtle coloring of your foods than commercial dyes and is ideal for recipes where the flavor of the food may not be enhanced by a strong coloring. These colors are available from a variety of sources, including turmeric, spinach, beets, annatto seeds and carrots. They are also typically a healthier option than synthetic colors as they do not contain any chemicals.

Red shades can be obtained from a number of sources, such as beets and berries. These natural food colors are typically a water-soluble pigment and can be added to drinks, baked goods and low-moisture snacks. Another red coloring source is carotenoid, a type of carotene that is primarily fat-soluble and is found in peppers and paprika. Acylated anthocyanins, which are also sourced from fruits and vegetables such as black currants, blueberries and purple sweet potato are also a suitable option for beverages and other applications where the pH of the product is lower than 3.5.

Another popular choice for a natural red color is the use of hibiscus flowers. These can be purchased from most grocery stores or online. They are a good option for adding a deep red color to baked goods, sauces and drinks without altering the recipe’s flavor. They are available in a variety of colors and can be easily mixed with other natural foods to create more unique tints.Natural Red Food Colors

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