Online English Tutoring

Online English tutoring involves teaching English as a second language to students who are not native speakers of the language. Classes are typically conducted via a video chat platform, and students may be one-on-one or part of a group. Teachers are responsible for assessing student progress, creating lesson plans, and administering assessments. This type of work can be done as an independent contractor or for a specific company that hires teachers for their online English programs. Most tutoring jobs do not provide benefits such as health insurance or retirement plans.

Some of the largest online teaching platforms offer English tutoring opportunities to both experienced and inexperienced teachers. These companies often provide lesson materials and a digital classroom, and they may pay either an hourly rate or give tutors the freedom to set their own rates for a percentage of the earnings that they keep.

Many of these companies are based in the US or Europe, and they offer positions to teachers from all over the world. These platforms include BookNook, Outschool, Preply, Cambly, and Italki. Tutors on these sites can teach English for business professionals, students, and children.

Other platforms, such as Lingoda, focus on teaching English to young students in small online classrooms. These lessons are primarily one-on-one, but teachers can also choose to tutor students in groups of five. These positions require a native English speaker with a TEFL certificate. Teachers on this site can earn bonuses, referral pay, and a variety of incentives for their performance. online English tutoring

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