Photo Cutout Service

Photo Cutout Service involves cutting out a portion of the picture using an editing software such as MarkGo. Afterwards, the sliced image can be placed on a new background and other components may be added for an appealing collage shot. This kind of image editing has helped in the growth of e-commerce and photography. It can also be used for highlighting distinctions among different items in a photograph.

Isolating a picture’s subject and placing it on a different background is vital for e-commerce, product, and fashion photography. It also improves the audience’s focus on the item. Moreover, it makes your product stand out from the competition. It can be done manually, but it is much more efficient to outsource the task to a professional photo editor.

Basic Photo Cutout Service involves a single path clipping, a limited number of curves, and fewer holes. This type of editing is often applied to round or tiny, curved subjects like cell phones and similar items.

Medium Photo Cutout Service involves a few more anchor points than the previous one and a greater number of curves. This kind of editing is often employed to a group of curved objects, including bracelets, team watches, group rings, motor parts, a bucket of flowers, etc.

Complex Object Photo Cutout Service includes complex and compound formed photos. This type of editing is often employed to jewelry, fur dolls, floating hair, furniture, cycle, kitchenware & appliances taken in a group photo, and more.

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