Popular Watch Brands For 2010

With the watch industry being as large as it is there are many contenders for popular watch brands across the entire market. Also as many other businesses have crossed over from fashion into the watch market it has made it an extremely competitive market with every business trying to come up with the most innovative design, quality products and affordable price to maximise their customer reach as effectively as possible.

What also needs to be taken into consideration is not just the top brands of watches that only rich people and famous people can afford for example like a Omega but the watches that everyone else can afford to purchase. Now the top end brands are extremely well made and the quality of these watches is unquestionable but in terms of overall popularity they seem to miss the mark with the expensive price tags that come attached. Also they seem to be very durable meaning that a person won’t need to be opening the yellow pages looking for a watch repairs company very often.

In terms of top watch brands, here is the list compiled as to the most popular in 2010.


Swatch is a fantastic company with very good products that are still very popular today. The Swiss watch company has also diversified slightly so that they now offer more refined watch designs while keeping their original colourful time pieces moving with the times.


Citizen are very well known brand within the watch industry with a good reputation for quality watches and designs. They produce high quality time pieces, with a simple yet sophisticated style and also offer good prices to maintain a competitive edge with the market. They also recently expanded buying the Japan based company called Bulova meaning that their productivity and size has increased significantly.


Tissot is a long established family run company that was at the forefront of developing the watch making market. They were one of the first companies to produce and market a pocket watch model in eighteen fifty three on a mass produced level. Now in the modern day they have been at the forefront of the technological leap by incorporating what they call the T Touch technology into their watch designs.


The brand Timberland is associated with the outdoor market and conveys product durability and reliability to consumers. Recently they have been moving into the watch market and producing some very good designs that are also very well made and reliable. It is expected to see them keep pushing themselves into this market and become even more popular in the coming years. Tag Heuer watch repairs

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