Reserve Residences

Reserve residences are a unique alternative to traditional active duty. They offer the camaraderie, excitement and challenging assignments of the military with more flexibility than what is possible on a standard active-duty contract. Reserve components also offer types of duty you cannot get on a regular active-duty contract, such as public service and law enforcement. If you’re considering the reserve component, speak with a retention counselor or transition recruiter on your installation and find out what’s available in your community.

Located 30 minutes from San Juan International Airport and overlooking a magnificent peninsula of lush beaches, golf courses, marina and town center, The Grand Reserve is part of a 10-year evolutionary master plan and one of the premier places to live and play in Puerto Rico.

Housing on reserve is a complex issue with many contributing factors and repercussions. The lack of adequate on-reserve housing has a negative impact on people’s health and quality of life. For example, overcrowded houses often suffer from poor conditions such as mould, which can affect residents’ health. Many families must also rely on wood to heat their homes, which results in tragic house fires.

Despite the challenges of living on reserve, many families choose to stay and work towards improving their communities. However, many reserve communities still struggle with poverty and unemployment, as well as strained relationships with government officials and assimilationist policies such as the Residential Schools and Sixties Scoop.

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