Rings and the Significance of Each Finger

Do you know the ring significance for each finger? Rings and significance for each finger changes culturally and you might find yourself sending the wrong message. For example, in Russia, your wedding ring is worn on your right hand wedding finger. Some fingers are chosen because of style or personal preference, but where you wear a ring sends a symbolic message that you might want to consider.

Diamond Wedding Ring Finger
Here in the U.S. it is customary to wear your wedding or engagement ring on the left hand on the finger next to your pinky. This tradition has a long history dating all the way back to Roman family traditions and this fingers connection with the heart. Symbolically you can see the significance of placing a band on what was considered the finger with the closest relationship to the heart.

This same finger has a significance in not just Judeo-Christian symbolism. Consider eastern traditions. Think of the stereotypical Buddhist meditation pose and the finger positioning. The thumb connected to the fourth finger is thought to bring the spirit and the physical in balance and is an ideal position for a wedding band that has such personal significance.

With the Church split hundreds of years ago, most Western countries continued to use the left hand as the custom for the engagement ring. Russia on the other hand, uses the right hand, but still places the significance upon the fourth finger.

Finger Characteristics
Beyond tradition, your fingers each have a historic personality association passed down over the centuries from tradition. The pinky finger for example, is associated with wit, and cleverness. You will often find successful businessmen wearing diamond pinky rings these days, do you think the subconsciously associate with the significance of the pinky?

The thumb on the hand is associated with strength, force and sometimes clumsiness. You will often find thumb rings most common with people looking for a style associated with strength or will. These are just a few of the ring finger associations that exist. You may choose to wear a ring on a finger that you feel is stylish or customary, but there might be more to your choice of style in a ring finger than you at first believe. Gold necklaces

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