Selecting a Machining Parts Supplier

If you’re working on a new product with precision machined parts, you need to select the right supplier to work with. Choosing the wrong vendor can lead to quality issues or even delays in production. You need a partner that is transparent about communication, willing to work with you to resolve design for manufacturability issues, invested in quality and able to provide value added services.

Machined parts are produced through machining, which is the subtractive manufacturing method that cuts and shapes metal into its final form. They are used in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, electronics, medical devices and automotive manufacturing. Machined parts offer a number of benefits and applications that aren’t available with other processes, such as injection molding or 3D printing.

Custom manufacturer of machined parts including bushings, collars, connectors, flanges and pins in carbon steel, bronze alloy, aluminum and stainless steel materials. Services include screw machining, boring, forming, grinding, drilling, facing, knurling and milling. Secondary operations like anodizing, etching, plating, heat treating, passivating and welding are available. Prototype, low and high volume production offered. CSA approved. EDI, JIT and Kanban delivery services available. machining parts supplier

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