Selling Skills – Hard and Soft Skills That Help Salespeople Close More Sales

Selling skills are competencies that support a sales associate’s career and allow them to relate to their clients and close sales. These hard and soft skills enable salespeople to have positive interactions with their customers, assist them in finding products and services that meet their needs and ultimately generate more sales for their companies.

Empathy is a soft skill that allows salespeople to tune into their customer’s emotions and feelings – even if they don’t verbalize them. This enables them to understand their customer’s problems and concerns, and build trust and long-term relationships with them.

Flexibility is a critical soft skill that allows salespeople to be adaptable and adjust their approach depending on the circumstances. Sometimes meetings get moved, prospects come in with different challenges than expected or other unexpected events occur. Salespeople with flexibility are able to quickly change plans and adjust their approach to best fit the situation, avoiding stress or panic.

Business Acumen
A core skill of business to business (B2B) salespeople is their understanding of a company’s products and services, as well as their competitive landscape. This enables them to answer questions from their prospects in a way that builds value, shows expertise and credibility, and helps the prospect move towards closing the deal. B2B salespeople with strong business acumen are able to offer their customers a more comprehensive and valuable solution. Moreover, they are also able to provide insight into their competitors’ products and services and recommend the most suitable solutions for their customer’s unique needs. Bazaar

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