Socket Head Cap Screw

Socket Head Cap Screw, also known as Allen socket screws or Allen bolts, are a type of screw that has a built-in hexagonal internal drive, meaning they need a unique kind of wrench for installation. They’re used for a wide range of applications, and have several benefits over standard hex fasteners such as increased clamping strength, lower overall weight, and a sleeker appearance that makes them ideal in settings where space is limited and the fasteners are more visible.

A common variety of socket screw is the low head, which has a rounded dome at the top. These are often seen in applications where aesthetics and a low-profile design are crucial, as well as in thin materials that can’t support the same maximum tensile strength ratings of other socket screw varieties.

Other variations of the socket screw include flat head and button head options, which are used in situations where the head must be recessed within a counterbore to provide a flush finish with the surface. This is especially popular in manufacturing environments where the screws and bolts will be exposed to the public, or where the heads could snag on clothing or other items as they are moved around machinery.

All of the socket head caps screws at Patriot Bolt & Fastener are made in high-quality steel, and are either fully or partially threaded. Full-threaded socket screws can be installed all the way into a threaded hole, while partially-threaded socket screws leave an unthreaded shank portion between the head and threads for added stability and strength. They’re available in a wide range of lengths, and can be specified with different types of finishes to adapt to diverse industry needs.

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